Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Wartime Sacrifices

I spent quite a lot of time praying about this. Removing internet and cable isn't an option since I need it for work and James needs it for Grad School. I already ride my bike/walk most places and so gas expenses are low. So, I calculated how much I'm tithing and it doesn't meet 10% of my income. Starting this month and for the next 6 months, I pledge to tithe a full 10%. A portion of it will be saved for the cause that the entire group is going to give to.

Funny thing happened, once I made this committment, James and I found out that while he is getting paid for the Ginn project, some of the paperwork wasn't done and so he won't get any money until the end of August. So I've experience my first speed bump with this goal as we will be living on one income and will have use it to pay the bills that were normally covered using James' income.

Another area for me to improve upon, like Kelly is time. I'm going to attempt to spend time reading the Bible or a Christian book. With that said, I think I'll read the 5 chapters from DWYL that I'm behind on. Later!

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