Monday, June 16, 2008

better late than never...

So, a full week later than scheduled, I went to DirecTV's website and downgraded to the cheapest possible package. A savings of $23 a month! The fact that this didn't happen last Monday has bothered me all morning. My tardiness in joining the "war" doesn't stem from any rebellious attitude or a desire to keep my current channel line-up, but rather laziness and poor time management. I thought several times last week "I need to get this done, but I'll do it later." I feel that this process is revealing further layers of heart attitudes and brokenness that God is trying to access and refine. After reading through all of these other posts, I've become very convicted in the way I manage the 24 hours God gives me each day. Aside from my 8 hours at work, the rest of my day is very "me focused" and largely unproductive. I'm joining the band wagon of purposeful time management as a part of my wartime mentality. I'm thankful that God has put on skin through you guys to spark this within me.

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Kelly said...

"I am thankful that God has put on skin through you guys..."

Wow! That is a deep statement. There's all sorts of relevatory theology behind that... but in short, I'm glad to know Christ is working in your life through the encouragement of your brothers and sisters.