Thursday, June 12, 2008

And so it begins...

Well, this whole time sacrifice thing is already kicking me. It's a real discipline! So far this week, I have made a conscious effort to be diligent in my work. That wasn't so bad. But then I also made the promise to myself not to complain: out loud or in my head. That one is tough! And the funny thing is, just as I had said that doing what the Lord calls you to do is sometimes being ready to do data entry for five hours without comaplaining...that's exactly what I have been doing at work! Ironic, huh?

But, as I am beginning to be intentional about what I do and do not say, I am noticing how common it is to hear others complain about little things at work...the temperature, an uncomfortable chair, a tedious task, a fleeting comment by a coworker...and I realize how much people around us need to hear the hope of Christ, not another complaint on a growing pile.

For me, making the most of my time also means commiting myself to the gym. I believe the Lord's desire is for me to lead a healthy life, and if my body is healthy, how much more can I serve Him! This has turned out to be quite an enjoyable part of my day.

Now I've got to be intentional about having a specific time for prayer and scripture in my day. That one seems to be the most difficult sacrifice at the moment, but the most important. Why do we tend to ignore what is best for us?

Mary Dean and Laura, blessings to you in learning to manage time! I'm glad we are rowing the same boat, here.

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mle said...

May God bless your diligent data-entry :) I'll pray that!